Anna Lombard’s mesmerizing collision with OHX

Woah nelly! Ok so let me get right to it. One of Maine’s most incredible singers is the one and only Anna Lombard. You may know her from her Gypsy Tailwind days or more recently from her current project with Dave Gutter called Armies.

In 2013, Lombard released her debut full-length solo album “Head full of Bells,” a fantastic record that is home to the tremendous tune “All For You.”
Here’s the live version from her CD release show at Port City Music in August of 2013. I’ll never forget that night, including when we had to clear the building for half an hour because the restaurant next door had a small kitchen fire. When we all came back in they played this one and brought the house down in dazzling fashion. So take a few minutes and watch this and then we’ll get to the new version.

How great was that?

So fast forward to a couple of days ago when the  OHX remix of “All For You” arrived and knocked my hardcore winter wool socks off. I reached out to OHXer Andy Mead to explain the deal with OHX.

“OHX is my studio project – Ultimately, it’s a “production collective” where I work with a rotating team of key collaborators to produce tracks for other artists.”

Mead, Ryan Curless and Anna Lombard took “All For You” back into the studio to give it what Mead described as a “rework.”

And now there’s a gorgeous lyric video and, well, you’ve GOT to hear this.

“Your heart’s a machine” is my favorite refrain of the last couple of years.

Are you ready? ARE YOU REALLY READY?

OK then, I believe you.

With massive amounts of joy and appreciation, I give you the “All For You” OHX Remix. Ponti out.

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