I’m With Her takes on Adele & Mammut does Cher

Within days of each other, two super cool bands released SUPER COOL covers and you need to hear them both IMMEDIATELY and then join me in freaking out over both of them.


First up is I’m With Her covering Adele’s “Send My Love” (To Your New Lover”). And yeah, obviously, Adele’s version doesn’t exactly suck. It’s from a tiny little album called “25.” HELLO! Perhaps you’re heard of it.  Anyway…who dares to tackle Adele right? WRONG!

I'm With Her 4 - Lindsey Byrnes LR
I’m with Her Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Their interpretation of the song is glorious. The harmonies will knock you right over and accompanied only by a stand-up bass, the song couldn’t be any better if it tried.  But don’t take my hyperactive word for it, listen for yourself:

I’m With Her, BTW, is Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz. They’re all spectacular on their own and together…I can’t even.

Next let’s head to Iceland. But first let’s rewind to last February on what can only be described as the coldest night of the year in Portland, Maine. That was when the first annual SUNAANA Festival happened in  a giant warehouse type of space at Thompson’s Point.  The Icelandic-themed festival was a many hours affair with 12 local, national and international acts along with 24 different kinds of beers and an aerial performance by Circus Maine. It was so cold though I only lasted about two hours. But I was there long enough to see what was a brand new band to me called Mammút, fronted by singer Katrína Mogensen. They’re out of Reykjavik and formed back in 2003 when the members were all about thirteen years old. In Iceland, they’re huge. Here in the USA, they’re continuing to win us over with songs like “Breathe Into Me.”

Mammut photo courtesy of the artist

And then, seemingly out of nowhere a cover of Cher’s “Believe” lands in my in box and I grabbed my headphones so quickly I almost pulled a muscle. There’s no way I can be true to myself and not use profanity when talking about this. I FUCKING LOVE IT. Whew that felt good. The song (and god love the original) has become something completely different than the  1998 mega-hit that first introduced us (more or less) to that electronic vocal effect that I still secretly get a kick out of.  Holy bananas, this is awesome. Ready?

I truly love a good cover song. Here are seven others near and dear to me.

Ponti out.

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