Therese Curatolo serves up pop perfection with crushed out jam “Braille”

Looking for a little fun on a Friday? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

I’m here to help by sharing the fabulous and fun new video from Los Angeles-based artist Therese Curatolo. Out TODAY, her single “Braille” is a playful, bouncy and frisky slice of jubilant pop pie with whipped cream and funk and served up with Curatolo’s radiant vocals along with some talkbox and keys from Swatkins (Allen Stone, Vulfpeck, Scary Pockets, Scary Agenda.”

If Curatolo’s name – or voice- ring a bell it’s because you might know her from Scary Pockets and Postmodern Jukebox wildly popular and massively streamed videos.

Curatolo describes the song as “the soundtrack to the frustrations of star-crossed lovers everywhere” and gets it done with lines like “Just give me time, I’ll get under your skin the way you’re under mine. I don’t why I so desperately seek the validation you hide.”

But the real payoff is the refrain. “I”m not blind I can see. I can also see braille, that doesn’t mean I can read it. I’m alive I can feel, I can also feel braille, that doesn’t mean I can read it. Just like I can’t read you.”

“Even the most extroverted person can hit a wall trying to connect with their secret crush, especially when they’re the world’s most introverted person. We’ve all been there. It’s a universal feeling. Braille is like relationship trauma bonding. It’s the perfect excuse to come together and share in our frustrations with dating and those pesky crushes you just can’t shake or quit,” said Curatolo of the song.

“Braille” was recorded in a bedroom-turned-studio at Curatolo’s brother Paul’s home in midtown Reno, Nevada (where she was raised).

As for the sensational video, it was shot in Los Angeles with DP Jess Dunlap (Katy Perry, Tiësto, Anderson .Paak ) and was directed by Kate Alden. Alden, who is from Portland, Maine ( YEAH!) is the co-founder of the production company Tesseract Creative. Her content has been written about in the New York Times and internationally recognized, amassing tens of millions of views for The Deli Series. 

Still from the “Braille” video.

Now then…ARE YOU READY? Don’t expect to stay in your seat for “Braille.”


“Braille” is streaming everywhere.

Follow Curatolo on Spotify and Instagram.

Ponti out


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